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Deepen Your Practice To Impact Your Whole Life

The Art of Intuitive Healing Workshop

An evening of yoga, meditation, breathwork, & soul connection


Get guidance for any level
Grow with yogic philosophy & TEACHINGS
go deep with proper breath & ALIGNMENT
enjoy music, mantras, and meditation
Gain holistic wellbeing

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I teach a traditional style of yoga that becomes a personal development path for my students. Join a class in Westchester to start the journey of inside-out alignment.

Yoga can be so much more than just a workout

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I love Hélène's positive and friendly energy that is the perfect to start the day with. I always feel energized after her classes. The hands-on assists and advice for specific postures have been deeply appreciated and helpful to progress my practice.

Hélène is also very well-read and knowledgeable about yoga sutras and other reliable texts and I find something special I can learn from her daily spiritual quotas at every class. Last but not least the relaxation of Savasana with Hélène's harmonium has been such a treat and luxury to my soul. 

Surime Fukuda, Art Director, mamaroneck, ny

I always feel energized after her classes!

Surime Fukuda,
Art Director, mamaroneck, ny

I understand what it's like to desire more out of life and look to yoga as a path to wellbeing. Your practice can awaken new perspectives as you tune in with your physical and emotional body.

When I started practicing, my finance career was at its height of success. I had the fancy job title but lacked fulfillment. I found the more I leaned into the yogic path, the more my whole life came into alignment.

What if your practice could go far beyond the transform your whole life?

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Hi, I'm Hélène

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As a teacher, I'm committed to the ever-evolving study of yoga and I bring years of expertise, daily practice, and joy to my teaching.

Whether you practice weekly or become a teacher yourself, yoga can be your place to look inside and take care of yourself holistically.

Expand your yoga practice to create alignment on and off the mat...

about My Approach

I really enjoyed the class and your positive energy as well. I really look forward to the music and vibe of Jivamukti and the athleticism of Ashtanga as well as going inward. I'm excited to meet and re-deepen my yoga practice again.

nathan romano

I'm excited to re-deepen my yoga practice


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  • More Than A Workout: Connect spiritually and create inside-out alignment in every class.
  • Hands-On Adjustment: Know that your technique is correct and always keep improving.
  • Vinyasa Classes Rooted In Ashtanga Tradition: Cultivate steadiness of body and mind through proper breath and movement coordination, breathing, gaze, and posture.
  • Deepen Your Understanding Of Yoga: Anchor your practice in timeless yogic teachings, ancient mantras, myths, and Vedic philosophy.

What should i expect in class?

I teach a traditional style of yoga that feels holistic and in-depth:

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Ashtanga is a type of yoga based on eight principles. It is a series of poses executed in swift succession, combined with deep, controlled, breathing.

We draw the more free-form Vinyasa practice from the more traditional, structured, and ancient series of Ashtanga yoga asanas.

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What Is Ashtanga?

schedule time to go within and create alignment in your whole being

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Go beyond the physical postures to get the most out of your practice 

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