I teach from these 5 pillars in my classes to create the most holistic, immersive experience of yoga.

Synchronization of breath and movement

Postures called asanas are mindfully threaded together by the breath and flowing movements.

The synchronization of breath, movement, and transitions between postures are called Vinyasa.

Postures are presented to progress in a safe, balanced, and optimal manner.

Each posture is held for a count of 3, 5, 8, or 10 breaths, allowing practitioners to pause in each asana and learn correct breathing, correct use of the energy locks (bandhas), and precise gazing.

This approach, called Tristana, is at the core of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. It helps cultivate steadiness of body and mind.

Correct breath, lock, & gaze in posture

Music, chanting, and Sanskrit mantras are a growing part of my own practice. I see them as an invitation to awaken the heart and set a higher intention for our practice.

Ashtanga classes open and close with the traditional Ashtanga invocation. In other classes, I share mantras and invocation by those whose chants resonate with my soul: Krishna Das, Janet Stone, and Carrie Grossman, Jai. Uttal, Sharon Ganon, etc. 

Sound, Vibration, & Devotion

Nāḍā & Bhakti
The study of ancient yogic texts and spiritual teachings is meant to be companion to our practice.

Vinyasa classes open with a dharma talk presenting a short yogic spiritual and philosophical teaching. Those short talks serve as openings for honest, non-conceptual and personal inquiry throughout our time together on the mat and beyond.

Study of yogic teachings

If there is one practice that I do every single day, it is meditation. Mantra-based meditation, as taught in the Vedas brings deep rest to the nervous system and helps us connect to that eternal unchanging reality within.

In class, we explore the movement, breathing, and mindfulness practices that lead us to inner stillness and prepare us to receive the teachings of Vedic meditation by initiators. 


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